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How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

According las vegas escorts boobs are a source of beauty and pride among women. That’s why most women prefer to have bigger boobs. However, some women are born with smaller boobs that do not get bigger even after giving birth and ageing. If you yearn to have bigger boobs, there are ways you can achieve this. They include going for artificial or natural remedies.

While some artificial remedies for bigger boobs are safe and effective, some of them carry risks that most women do not want to go through. As a result, many women prefer natural methods of enlarging boobs. Here are tips on how to get bigger boobs naturally:


While exercise is a healthy habit for both men and women, not all forms of exercises can help women boost their boob size naturally. There are specific exercises recommended that help women get bigger boobs. Majority of them involve using dumbbells, doing pushups and chest dips. These exercises can easily be done at home without necessarily going to a gym. When you consistently exercise the right muscles, you eventually start noticing changes in a few weeks.

Boob Enhancement Foods

Increasing your boobs does not entirely mean that you have to be on a strict diet. Instead, eat foods that are rich in estrogen and phytoestrogen. These foods are critical for the stimulation of breast growth. They also prevent appearance of stretch marks when your boobs become bigger. The best foods to eat when you want to attain bigger boobs include fruits, nuts and seeds, cereal grains and chickpeas. Beverages like wine, green and black tea can also work magic on your boobs.

Breast Massage

Breast massage is another natural way to increase boob size. It also has greater benefits than just promoting the growth of breast cells. Breast massage helps with reducing the risk of breast cancer. It also helps with flushing toxins from the body, hormone regulation and reducing PMS symptoms. To enjoy the maximum benefits of breast massage, know effective techniques and how to perform them. Common among the most effective techniques include Reiki massage, Feng shui breast massage, Fat brushing massage, and Chi massage among others.


There are herbs that show the potential to facilitate the release of natural estrogen in the body. This results into significant increase in breast size. Examples of such herbs include fenugreek, wild yams, saw palmetto, hops, licorice, and back cohosh among others. Consuming them on daily basis can work great in ensuring that you get bigger boobs.

Try these remedies if you want to get bigger boobs naturally. Nevertheless, talk to your health care provider if you have a condition that can be worsened by some of them.

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