Too Many Men By Pamela Hillenbrand

Too Many Men? It is a question that is commonly asked in my professional practice as well as in my life as a woman. Too many men, or “alpha males” as they are sometimes called seem to think that they have the answers about how to be a woman and how to please a woman. While some of them are quite nice… there is something about the cocky, loud-mouth male who is more interested in banging one over the head with his penis than he is in pleasing the woman in his life.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any good men out there, some do genuinely care and are really trying to make a positive impact on their lives. They just don’t know how to show it. Some women tend to lean towards the bad boy, but that is because society tells us that it is acceptable. I believe that every man should realize his potential as a lover and that it is OK for women to be involved with bad boys, as long as the situation doesn’t become abusive and harmful.

Too Many Men is also about how society perceives single women. There are some who may see single women as weak, silly and easy. These women often seek out men who will assume the responsibility of caring for them. These types of men are usually great companions and wonderful husband material.

Society also seems to create a false impression about men, especially with regards to sex. Too Many Men presents an alternative view of what a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship might look like. While there are many positive aspects of having sex with a man who is not your boyfriend or husband, there are also some negative perceptions and generalizations that need to be challenged. Men need to be educated about sex, not judged by the number of times they have sex or if they are “playground dwellers”.

Too Many Men should encourage men to ask questions when they are in a relationship, such as how often they think about sex, what they think of when they have sex and whether they think it is okay to talk about sex before it begins. Too Many Men also offers advice on how to approach a woman and what is the way to go about getting that girl of your dreams. It also offers practical information on relationships, from how to build them to how to keep them going.

The author’s own experience as both a woman and a man has given her a unique insider perspective into men’s issues. She offers practical suggestions on how to deal with difficult situations, such as what to do when your girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore. There is no question that Too Many Men is a valuable contribution to the men’s movement. It will make men think more clearly about their relationships and how they can improve them.

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